Our Detailing Service

Have you ever seen a car that looks like it just came out of the showroom, but it happens to be a model that is far from new?

The secret behind the shine is full service detailing. Once a car has had a full service detailing, not only is it clean, but the paint has been corrected and shined. The end result is a car that looks flawless.

Full service detailing involves several exterior and interior steps. Everything is meticulously cleaned. You won't find any dirt once this step is completed. The paint is then treated to remove layers of pollution, damage from birds, and other things that regular car shampoo can't touch.​ After the paint has been treated, the car is shined. Full service detailing includes a coating that can last up to three months. If you're interested in a potentially life-long lasting protective coating you may have ceramic coating applied for an extra fee. Interior detailing includes the shampooing of fabric elements, leather treatment for any leather elements, and the meticulous cleaning of the dashboard, back deck, controls, door panels, and any other parts. Odors are removed along with any dirt and debris.

​Once detailing is complete, the car will look and feel like new both inside and out. It's a great way to keep your ride looking great, or to restore it to its original beauty.

Patrick B. 

Diamond did an amazing job! He brought my boat back to life highly recommend him!

Robert S. 

I've been going to diamonds detailing for years, I send all my friends to him and he's always done a fantastic job! I've never heard a single complaint.

Ashley R.

I just bought a brand new car and wanted to make sure that it stayed clean and protected as long as possible, I asked Diamond for a ceramic coating and he cleaned and made everything shine!

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