Ceramic Coatings


The most recent development in paint protection are products commonly referred to as ceramic coatings.

These coatings are made from materials that are more durable than the polymers found in traditional sealants and waxes creating longer-lasting protection and ease of care. In addition to forming an extremely strong bond with the clear coat, a ceramic coating is generally much thicker than a wax or sealant and creates a sacrificial layer that can absorb damage and better protect the paint underneath. The thickness gives it a great deal of depth and gloss that is impossible to achieve with other products.
At Diamond's Detailing we use select ceramic coatings that will provide years of protection.



We start by thoroughly washing the vehicle with new wash mitts. Once the vehicle is washed, we then clay the vehicle to remove any contaminants bonded to the surface of the paint. We further decontaminate the paint with an iron remover. The next step is to compound and polish the paint, this is the most important step before applying the coating. With this correction we are aiming to remove the defects from your paint leaving a dramatically improved surface which adds optical clarity and depth to the paint. The last step is to apply the coating. This is done in a controlled environment and is left to cure for 24 hours.